In celebration of Israel's 70th Anniversary, President Rivlin declared, "Religious, secular, Arabs, Jews, soldiers, women, men, children... let's put aside everything that divides us and do together what connects us and brings us together - it'll be fun!”

A l'occasion du 70e anniversaire d'Israël, le Président Rivlin a déclaré: "Religieux, laïques, Arabes, Juifs, soldats, femmes, hommes, enfants... Mettons de côté tout ce qui nous divise et faisons ensemble ce qui nous unit et nous rassemble - ce sera plaisant!


In Israel and around the world, the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the birth of the modern State of Israel began on
Iyar 4, 5778 / April 19, 2018. The momentum of ‘Singing Together’ that started in Israel is going global, establishing mass choirs of Jews and non-Jews singing together for Israel! It's time for the Christians to tune in!


Return Ministries, along with Aliyah Return Center in Israel mobilized both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities together in celebration of Israel's 70th birthday! And  in the first six months of 2019, in partnership with Seven Wells Ministries from Winnipeg, we brought the Sawuti African Children's Choir to Canada. The tour was called SING TOGETHER - ONE VOICE. Sawuti mean 'Voice' in Swahili.They delighted audiences from Vancouver Island to Montreal and were well received in both the Jewish and Christian communities.


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We celebrated Israel’s 70th Anniversary and rejoiced with a NEW SONG. But let's not stop!  Let's continue to gather, learn songs and Sing Together! The time has come for Jews and Christians to unite in a harmony that will glorify the ONE God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.

Hear Dean Bye provide a biblical explanation on Sing Together. Click Here. 

If you wish to seed into the Return Ministries' work in the Galilee, we are blessed to receive your love offering. All proceeds go towards Return Ministries “Working Together for Israel” projects. Check out some examples at the Aliyah Return Center.

Sing Together

Preparing our hearts to bring two communities together.


Before the big parties begin, we are preparing rehearsals in your local churches and synagogues. We want to help get your hearts and voices ready to join the mass choir that will bring Jews and Christians together with one voice at the Ultimate events. Don't worry, no experience is required at any gathering. At the rehearsal the intention is to have fun and learn the heart behind Sing Together.

Sing Together

Bringing two communities, Jews and Christians together.


Are you ready to join the mass choir that everyone can be a part of regardless of age, race, politics or religion? This is the big celebration where we come together in one place, with one voice, to learn one song. Imagine stadiums filled with with Jews and Christians singing together. You won't want to miss this unique experience! 

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